About the Owner

This is Brad.  In this picture, Brad is on the first mechanical test drive of a very unique car.  He’s been doing this a long time, and has amassed a team to build cars like this one.  Brad shares his passion with each car that rolls through the shop.

Brad has raced cars, restored cars, built cars, painted cars, fixed cars, bought cars, played with cars, and sold cars most of his life.  From putting Corvettes through their paces at Watkins Glenn, to laying the top coat of clear on a vintage import, Brad’s just about done it all.

Why is Brad different than any other shop?  He cares.  Whether you’re across the Rockies, or you’re right down the street, you’re always kept up to date on your vehicle in the shop.  His advice is always honest, even if it means suggesting another direction. If you’re too far to stop in, frequent pictures and calls keep things on the same page, from the beginning design stages to the progress of paint and final assembly, or anything in between.  Brad and his team want to build the car in your head, along with you, one step at a time.