John M Gilson

  My ’69 Corvette project started as a purchase from Ebay.  When I received the car on October 31, 2011, the realization that I had made a bad purchase set in.  With the help of my dad we decided to make the best of it.  It went from small repairs to a full blown body off build.  After a complete rebuild of the rolling chassis with many new and custom parts, the body was set back on.
  I spent over a year trying to get someone local to do it, but no one was interested. Then I found Harborvette on the internet.  From my first conversation with Brad, I knew he was the right man for the job.  He actually seemed excited to help complete my project, so we took the 200 mile trip to Erie, Pa.
  Brad did incredible custom bodywork to my car.  From flares to spoilers to the awesome silver paint job.  The man is a true artist.  He even helped me with parts from his own collection.  He kept me well informed on my progress, by pictures, text messages and phone calls.  You can also see if unfold on his website.
  I would recommend Harborvette to anyone, and would go there myself.  Brad is the kind of man you can trust.  He always had a positive attitude and takes the time to listen to your problems, and ideas you may have with your car.  I now consider Brad more than just the man who painted my car but a friend.  Thank you so much for helping me build this gorgeous Fat Silver ’69 Rat.
  You’re the best,


Doug Hostetler, Morgantown, WV Dear Brad and Crew,

I just wanted to thank you, Brad and the rest of your crew for doing such a great job resurrecting my ’66 BB Corvette. After my friend wrecked my car I had no idea where to get it repaired. I knew there were no specialists or body shops in my area that I would trust with the job.

I asked around my “car guy” buddies and went on line. The closest specialist was Vet Techs of Pittsburgh. With the extreme body damage Paul referred me to you. After a call and visit to your shop I felt you were the right choice. Now that I have the car back I don’t think I could have found anyone better qualified or more meticulous and passionate about their work. I was very impressed with the efforts you put into locating all original GM parts and that you would settle for nothing less. I was also impressed with the way you stayed on schedule and did exactly what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it. Especially considering you were working on at least 4 other major projects at the same time including the Turquoise 60 you displayed at Carlisle along with the 70 C3-HR that was Chip’s Choice and featured in Corvette Fever. I thought those cars would take precedent over mine but yet you still managed to complete mine on schedule.  Emailing me pictures and updates along the way kept me reassured.

All of my “car guy” buddies are very impressed, especially knowing that the entire front clip, hood, drivers door, and entire rear clip, along with 3 of the 4 bumpers were destroyed, yet in 3 ½ months I am driving the car again. From them I heard comments like “I don’t know who painted this car, but he’s a hell of a good painter!” and “these doors gaps and the hood and headlight fit are better than they come from the factory.” Comments like that put a smile back on my face.

I enjoyed the time I spent with you in your shop and at Carlisle, it’s a pleasure to be around someone with such enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion.  If anyone reading this has any reservations about putting their car in your hands, they certainly need not – feel free to have them give me a call. Thanks again, Brad and crew, for returning my car in much better shape than it was before the crash. I only wish your shop was closer to home so I could stop by and see more of your projects. I’ll be in touch.


Leon & Sherry McCormack,  North East, PA

Brad & the Gang,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS!! for the wonderful job you all did on our first corvette. In taking on this seemingly monumental task I was pleasantly surprised to find that old world customer service still exists in this day and age. You all did such a wonderful job at putting me at ease and answering my questions in a courteous and professional manner, that I was actually caught off guard. The feeling of genuine interest in your customers and your own personal excitement in the vehicles you work on makes your organization a truly excellent experience to anyone lucky enough to walk through your door. Kudos to Brad, Ken, Jim, Phil and the rest of the crew for making this task such a pleasurable and unforgettable event. I’ll be a customer for life.

Chuck & Cheryl Johnson, Hilton Head, South Carolina:

 Dear Brad, Deb and Crew,

 “As a kid growing up I dreamed of owning a corvette. In 1972 that dream came true when I bought a ’71 Stingray. Eleven years later I retired the car to the garage. A new dream began. The day when, after the family was grown, I could restore the car to its original form.

In May of 2005 I made the decision to go ahead with the restoration. Through a friend in Erie, PA, I was introduced to HarborVette and the Goetz family. What I discovered after visiting the shop was that everybody working there took a personal interest in me and my dream. The car was shipped off to Erie for a complete frame off restoration. The people at HarborVette kept me involved with every decision through E-Mail, pictures and telephone conversations. I never felt left out of the process. I will admit that half-way through there were times when I thought … “What the heck did I do”. Some of those pictures were not very pretty. You should see it now! Nine months later I got back a car that far surpassed my expectations. The attention to detail was insane. Brad continued to encourage me not to compromise on anything. Not a day goes by that people don’t stop to ogle the car and ask questions.

    The personal attention didn’t end when the car was finished. I suggested  to Brad that he have the car shipped home. He trusted nobody for delivery. In February 2006 he loaded the car in a trailer and personally delivered it to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Then spent two days making sure all was right with the car. It hasn’t stopped there. They still call to make sure I’m happy. In a time where customer service in this country is at a low point, here is an organization that goes way beyond what I expected.

     If you own a classic car and share my dream, don’t waste time and effort. Call HarborVette and see for yourself. Thank you Brad, Deb and the whole extended family for the opportunity to fulfill my dream and make it such a pleasurable  experience.”

1971 Corvette